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Dicyanin Social Media Myths

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

"Why did the government ban this? In the 1920s, the military accidentally invented night vision goggles that could see into the astral realm. You see, a scientist named Walter Kilner invented a blue substance called Dicyanate, which was the main ingredient in the night vision goggles just given to the military."

Our friend here has all of his facts wrong, and it's not entirely his fault. I think he's the victim of the social media game of telephone, where a story starts out over here, and by the end of all the creators regurgitating it, it ends up with all the details completely screwed up. Our company, Museum of Tarot, is the only company in the world that still makes authentic Dicyanin aura goggles.

So let me clear up all the misconceptions from this video. Dicyanin being used in goggles to do medical diagnosis was started by Dr. Walter Kilner a hundred years ago. In fact, I have his original copy. of his book here with some of his actual writings. And a pair of his original Kilnescrene goggles.

Kilner was a medical doctor. He wasn't using Dycyanin goggles for anything spooky. But the spiritualist community of the era seized upon the technology and started using it for clairvoyant and psychic reasons. They swore up and down that continued use of the goggles would allow people to develop the ability to see auras and energy fields. And they were correct.

He shows a clip from my friend Parker, Dr. Parkenstine's video where Parker is using our aura goggles to see his aura. And we've had many dozens of other content creators tag us in their videos showing their results from our product. And I myself have put up many videos showing various monuments and sacred sites as well as people through these goggles, and they work great.

But one thing this creator gets wrong is Dicyanin is not blue, and it doesn't come from amethyst crystals. Dicyanin is purple, and I even mixed some up on camera in some of my older videos. Dicyanin was not used in the starlight scopes in Vietnam. That is a completely separate story that often gets mixed up with the Dicyanin story.

And I did a video last year showing naval documents that detail what people were actually seeing through these starlight scopes. And yes, they were reporting seeing things like demons and apparitions. How much of that had to do with the stress and drugs of Vietnam, along with the new technology? I'll let you be the judge. But that is not Dicyanin.

This creator shows a video from a guy in Russia looking through a clear piece of glass and seeing a UFO in the sky, and that's a hoax. That's not Dicyanin glass, that's CGI. But after your eyes acclimate with Dicyanin, it is possible that you can start seeing things in the sky, as we've had reported time and time again, as I spoke about in my video about Trevor James and They Live in the Sky, who did work with some of these special filters and photographed these objects back in the 1950s.

This story is going to keep circulating for a long time and a lot of people are going to keep getting it wrong. So, I'll keep jumping in to remind people what the reality actually is. And I've put out a tremendous amount of factual, documented research on this subject in my other videos.

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