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An energetic atmosphere surrounds and envelops the human body, just as an atmosphere surrounds and envelops our Earth. This special atmosphere surrounding the human body is called the aura and its existence is a scien­tific fact. Many people have experienced sensing Auras in their everyday lives without really realizing it. Its presence may be sensed as heat, energy, excitement, anxiety, or uneasiness depending on the state of the individual you are dealing with.


Under special conditions the aura can also be sensed by sight.

Highly developed psychics and unusually clairvoyant individuals have often been able to see the human aura, and the aura has been prominent in art and religion since the earliest times. Evidence of aura-vision can be found in the historical records of the most ancient mystics. The elaborate headdresses of the Egyptians and the halos and nimbus of the Christian saints are thought to represent Auras and certain highly developed individuals have been said to have given off visible light - the "Shining Ones" of ancient texts. 

The few unique individuals blessed with natural aura-vision have left such unusual records of the significance of the aura that science ulti­mately had to investigate it. Among the most interesting modern reports about the aura is this one authenticated by the great clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce: A woman with natural aura-vision was waiting for an elevator in a department store. When the elevator arrived at her floor she suddenly refused to enter the car—she saw immediately that everyone in the car had lost his aura. Moments later the elevator cable snapped and the car crashed to the bottom of the shaft, killing every passenger.


Though some people can naturally perceive auras, the ability is rare. Generally, the human eye must be conditioned before it can see the aura. This conditioning is best accomplished through the use of special goggles with scientifically tinted lenses. 

The earliest use of lenses such as this was by Dr. Walter Kilner of London. A medical doctor with the Royal College of Physicians and innovator in medical technology, Kilner began experimenting with various colored lenses as a means to detect medical issues in his patients. 

Before the aura will become visible, it is necessary to shield the eye from other colors of light and to emphasize the violet rays by using the special purple Dicyanin Aura Goggle lenses. These goggles operate within a very specific spectrum which has been shown to produce results in the greatest majority of people. 

Training the eyes to perceive auras is a very achievable goal, even for those without natural ability. To get the best and most lasting results, it's recommended that anyone using Dicyanin Aura Goggles begin using MOT's free Aura Training Program found here:

The MuseumofTarot Aura Training Progam

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