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Seeing Demons In the Dark - Red Night Vision in Vietnam

 Did soldiers in Vietnam see demons in their night vision goggles?

The answer is yes, they kind of did.

The same questions always come up when I start talking about Dicyanin. People always want to regurgitate the urban legends they heard about Dicyanin on the internet. One of these stories is from years ago where somebody got on a podcast and claimed that during Vietnam there was a new type of night vision goggle that allowed soldiers to see demons and entities out in the jungle and it was driving them mad.

As much as this sounds like an exaggeration, I actually have some documentation here from the U. S. Naval Academy that indicates that is exactly what soldiers were reporting. The document is called, The Secret of Seeing Charlie in the Dark, by Richard A. Ruth of the Department of History of the U. S. Naval Academy.

The Secret of Seeing Charlie in the Dark
Download PDF • 508KB

He indicates that though they used the new scopes in the field and they offered a tactical advantage, the users who used them endured physical, psychological, and emotional stress unforeseen by military leaders. Now, why would an optical tool? Give profound psychological stress. Let's read exactly what he says.

In other intimate mythologies of the war, the eerie green landscape generated by the starlight scope was populated by ambiguous entities. Fatigue, stress and fear exacerbated the tendency in some soldiers to miss. Interpret the images they saw through the scope. Soldiers described dragons and other supernatural creatures appearing from within the writhing phosphorescent murk of the starlight scope landscape.

One former medic recalled using a starlight scope to monitor hundreds of dead enemy bodies after a particularly intense firefight, only to discover in the morning that the corpses were just a hallucination. Now, do military medics usually hallucinate hundreds of dead enemy corpses laying on the ground, or was this person seeing something quite unique?

One patrol boat captain actually said that viewed in the eerie green glow, everything on the bank of the river seems to move. Bushes become Animate, and the device transformed the nightscape into something akin to an LSD hallucination. I have another article here from the Army Research and Development magazine about another type of night vision called a ThermoViewer, which was even more advanced than the Starlight Scope from the other article.

Starlight Scope. Enhances the ambient light at night while the Thermoviewer didn't need any light whatsoever And in these two pictures it actually has a soldier sitting here in foliage and leaves And you can see what he looks like through that new technology and how eerie it really is And this was being made public in 1972 So who knows how long they had been testing it before that?

Also, i'd like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that neither of these technologies used red lenses. I don't know where the red lens meme came from, but that is not a thing that ever existed. I'm here trying to show you what did exist. Now the tone in these articles is very typical academic debunker nonsense where they narcissistically try to gaslight people out of believing the things they witness with their own eyes.

Like the army medic who saw a whole field of dead bodies that just apparently were apparitions. Apparently the soldiers in Vietnam are Easy targets. It's easy to write off the things that they reported as stress or drugs or, you know, an unhinged mind. But, in reality, they were making these claims. They were saying that this technology was allowing them to see very interesting things out there, and it was inexplicable to them.

Seeing very interesting, energetic things that don't seem to have any physical body is very typical of what myself and others have experienced with things like our Dycyanin Aura Goggles. And also, uh, the night vision device that I actually built here that's built with a night vision module from an old tank.

I use this for astronomy, and I've seen some very interesting things in the sky using this, though it is different technology from the starlight scope. And there is a historical precedent to using filters in the infrared range, uh, to witness things in the sky. The work of Trevor James Constable.

Trevor James Constable was a UFO experiencer started in the, uh, 1950s at, with the Giant Rock events in George Van Tassel. And he, uh, his work went all the way through, I believe, the 2000s when he passed away. And he was using optical filters on his camera to pick up Hidden things that he claimed were living in the sky.

Constable's books, They Live in the Sky and The Cosmic Pulse of Life, describe his work, uh, using infrared filters. Now here's some of what he was photographing back 70 years ago, with, uh, 35 millimeter film and infrared filters. The optical filters that Trevor James Constable used haven't been available for many years.

But now that I've been making the Dicyanin Aura Goggles I'd like to offer more optical technology for people to experiment with, so I'm working with a manufacturer now to get a batch made up. So if you're interested in using these unique filters to potentially photograph UFOs in the sky, go jump on my mailing list on my website and we'll let you know when they're available.

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Interesting, my father was with Australian forces in Vietnam, he told me after the battle of Coral despite inflicting massive losses on attacking NVA/VC forces they found fewer bodies in front of the position than they thought, plenty inside the perimeter though including an Chinese and East German or Russian adviser, prisoners and the dead they did find they discovered why, as a psychological warfare tactic the NVA came in in teams of 3 and they carried a meat hook in each team, if 1 got dropped the other 2 would put the meat hook in through under the shoulder drag the body away, the idea was to demoralize the enemy, after being attacked by fighting all night and takin…

Replying to

Thanks for sharing that link. I'd not heard that interview and I'm trying to make sense out of some of C.H.'s information. Man, LIFE is the movie we don't want to miss. Can't understand that people waste their time in video games and nonsense netflix bs when it's all right in front of us. So much to discover <3


Why do I feel like you are going to get a knock on your door from the men that wear black suits?🕴️

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