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The MOT Dicyanin Aura Goggle Training Program

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Many people who use Dicyanin Aura Goggles will get results just by putting them on and be able to perceive things immediately. Usually keeping the goggles on for a few minutes will give good results, with the best results coming after fully acclimating the eyes after 15-20 minutes.

For those wanting even better results, it's recommended for to try the following simple to use training program.

Dicyanin Aura Goggles antique advertisement
An antique advertisement for Dr. Walter Kilner's original dicyanin goggles

Beginner's Technique

Nearly 100 years ago the Metaphysical Research Group in England developed a general-purpose technique for training aura-vision. It was reported that 58% of the students using this method can see the aura after only brief instructions, and that 90% are successful after a short period of practice. This was with their old technology, and we have been achieving even better results with our updated Dicyanin Aura Goggle lenses.

Here is an updated version of their method:

1. The Aura Goggles should be equipped with very dark filters for the first session. (These are the MuseumofTarot "regular" goggles. For those using one of our Aura Research Kits, this will be the thickest lens.)

After you have adjusted your Dicyanin Aura Goggles so they are comfortable but still tight enough to exclude light from around the sides, look at the sky (NOT the Sun) or out a bright window for about a minute. If you are doing this indoors sit in a brightly lit room and look towards a well-lit object with the light above or off to the side of your body (do NOT look at the light itself).

2. Still wearing the goggles, look for the characteristic purple-grey mist around the hands and fingers and for the rays from the finger-tips of opposite hands. Use the "sticky finger" technique, where you put the thumb and index fingertips together in an "OK" sign, then slowly

pull them apart to see the "Auric Cobwebbing" between the fingers (see picture).

Hand Aura seen through Dicyanin Aura Goggles
Hand Aura seen through Dicyanin Aura Goggles

3. Even if you have not immediately seen the mist around the hands and the rays from the finger-tips, remove the goggles. After removing the goggles, look for the aura-mist again, preferably against a dark background.

(We have had excellent results having a partner stand in front of a piece of matte black posterboard in good light. The posterboard adds the necessary contrast to see the aura.)

4. Repeat this entire procedure: Steps 1, 2, and 3 until the aura-mist can be seen as a rough "ovoid" (egg shape) completely surrounding the body. This is the entire visible aura.

5. Very often, students find that this aura-vision is fleeting, lasting only a few seconds. If this should be the case, do not be discouraged, the effect of the Dicyanin Aura Goggles is cumulative, and your periods of aura-vision will become longer and longer until they are virtually continuous.

This process can be repeated often, with best results coming from daily sessions of 10-15 minutes. Many users have reported a "breakthrough moment" where after a few days of this repeated training they were able see auras while they were out in public, without the use of the Dicyanin Aura Goggles.

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