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The Shambhala Initiative

an open source psychic project
for the future of humanity

In my videos, I have exposed many intriguing secrets but perhaps none was more startling than the realization that those "in the know" are preparing for a catastrophic event with ramifications for the whole of humanity

In my video below, I explain all this, and what we intend to do about it

After an overwhelming outpouring of interest, we have decided that this project is a "go". 

The intent is to take this information from the "other side" out of the hands of those who would keep it secret by using an open-source approach to psychic intelligence gathering. In this project we will provide guidance on how to build a simple device that can enhance psychic and intuitive ability , give access to special audio to enhance meditation and open up these abilities, and schedule live streams and surveys which will coordinate everyone's efforts and anonymously gather everyone's experiences in a usable format. 

The project is completely free and your participation will be kept completely anonymous, though you are free to share results or collaborate as you feel comfortable. The point is not to draw public attention to your psychic ability rather it's to give people who wouldn't normally feel comfortable using it a safe and accepting environment to participate. 

Above all, everyone will be given access to the results. No gatekeeping. 

To get started, you will need to do two things:

  1. Sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of the page. We will let everyone know about scheduled events and updates via email.

  2. See our instructions and videos below on how to build the Psychic Training Device here. You will need one to participate effectively. 


That's it! We will be announcing ongoing live events for participants over the coming weeks. 

We want to make this project as accessible as possible to the greatest amount of people and believe that only the only way we are going to get anywhere is by sticking together. 

Thanks for being amazing humans!

Program Resources

Below are the shared resources for the live sessions. You'll see a free 1 hour guided meditation for everyone to use as well as an "ideogram". 

An ideogram is just a graphic representation of an intent, in meditative states pictures are easier to remember than verbal cues, so we use that as an "anchor" to remind the mind what information we are trying to retrieve.


For this experiment our intent is to learn the future of humanity in the next 20 years and what, if anything, is coming. 

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After you participate in the live sessions, you can take the survey below to log and share your experiences with the world. These results will be put together and shared with everyone, but your individual information and participation is completely anonymous. 

This is the schedule for our upcoming live sessions. 

We will schedule them over several weeks for various time zones around the world to give everyone a chance to participate.  Check back for new updates and sessions as we schedule them!

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