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Testing The Halopulser Against Harmful Phone EMF

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

 Our customers have been asking for a tutorial about how to test their devices for harmful EMF, negative electromagnetic fields and how to ensure that their Halopulser is working correctly. The Halopulser is a small portable device that we sell that is intended to counteract these negative energies. And it works great, so let me show you how to prove it.

To begin, we're going to use a very simple piece of test equipment that you can rig up at home. This is a Honeytone amplifier and a phone pickup. And all you're doing is plugging the phone pickup into the amplifier. And what it does is it converts electromagnetic frequencies into audio. So you can actually hear them.

And I have my phone here on a tripod. And we're going to test what harmful frequencies this is giving off. And you're going to be shot. So let's listen to what this phone actually sounds like electromagnetically. If I turn this on and bring the pickup over.

Now let's see what it does when you turn on an app like Instagram.

Your phone doesn't need to be actively in use for this to be giving off these frequencies. Let me just go ahead and turn that off.

Not so great, huh? And it's even worse when you're getting an incoming or outgoing phone call. In these frequencies, this energy is what your body is absorbing every time you use your phone or keep it close. These negative electromagnetic fields were proven decades ago to have detrimental effects to human health, such as cancer, autism, ADD, behavioral issues.

So now I'm going to show you what the Halopulser does to counteract this. My Halopulser is not currently turned on. So if I turn on the amplifier and put the pickup... To it, there is no sound, but when I turn it on to 7. 8 Hertz, the Schumann frequencies bass harmonic, you'll hear that the pickup is picking up what the pulser is giving off.

I can also press the test button and you'll see the little light come on at 7. 8 Hertz, indicating that the battery is full and that the device is working. But I need to reiterate. That the Halopulser itself is perfectly silent when it's turned on. It's still giving off its pulse, and there's no sound whatsoever.

So now that the Halopulser is turned on, let me show you what it does when you position it between yourself and the phone.

The Halopulser effectively acts as a wall between yourself and the phone. The phone still works on the other side of the wall. It doesn't change the functioning of the phone. But if this is between you and the phone, this is what your body entrains to. The 7. the Schumann frequency, and not the harmful frequencies coming off of the phone.

Now let me show you what this looks like with a more sophisticated piece of equipment called a Trifield meter. Now I'm going to move the phone away because the Trifield will actually pick up on the electromagnetic frequencies coming off of the phone. And off of my spotlight here, so I need to pull back a little bit and turn it on.

to electromagnetic, and you're going to see it go down to baseline there. We're at zero. And my Halopulser is still on. So if I take the Halopulser and put it here on the tri field, it's, it's on and pulsing. It's not giving off any negative electromagnetic frequencies at all. But when I change the tri field to measure magnetic fields, you're going to see something quite extraordinary.

Now I can put the Halopulser up to the Trifield, and you'll see that is the Schumann frequency, 7.8 Hertz. So this is what the Schumann frequency, the magnetic pulse, the heartbeat of the Earth, actually looks like. This pulse magnetic pattern is what your body and mind will entrain to. versus your phone or any other negative electromagnetic fields that are around you.

The magnetic field strength of the Halopulser peaks out over 80 when it's got a full battery. This is considerably stronger than most PEMF devices, like PEMF mats, and that means there will be greater penetration into the bodily tissues by wearing a Halopulser than using those devices. Using a Halopulser is a surefire way to make sure your body and mind entrains to a healthy, natural frequency versus those that are given off by cell phones and computer screens.

And indeed, we get wonderful feedback from customers about how much better they feel immediately after they put on a Halopulser around these devices. So for people that are stuck in an office, a cubicle, or a machine shop all day, this is the best way to make yourself decompress without having to take a walk out in the park or go on a camping trip.

I hope that helps, answers some questions, and shows you just how useful these can be in our modern technical environment.

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