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Halopulser: A Better Alternative to PEMF Mats

"A PEMF mat. Okay, this is pulsed electromagnetic field. This is mimicking the grounding force of the earth, so laying on this mat will make you alkaline."

What Gary Breca says here is absolutely correct. When your body becomes acidic, it creates a condition known as sticky blood. But, when you become more alkaline, your blood cells can come apart and flow freely, giving you greater oxygen and more nutrients.

What this means is more energy, greater clarity, and better recovery. And what Brecka recommends for this is a PEMF mat, a Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Mat. And these do work, but at $5,000 they are highly overpriced. I have a better solution. This is a miniaturized PEMF device known as a Halopulser.

And it does precisely the same things as PEMF mats, but as you can see, it's highly portable and much more affordable. Instead of having to take 30 minutes out of your day to lay down on the mat to get your PEMF therapy, if you simply put this on eliminating electro smog on the go where busy people need it.

You can take it to the office, to the gym, or out on the town around all those people that you don't really want to be around, and it'll give you the same effects, lessening fatigue and anxiety.

I was a world class athlete as a younger man, but even now in my forties, I can still keep up the pace with the help of the Halopulser. I can't recommend what Gary Brecka says enough. His material is top quality, but if you want to try magnetic therapy that fits into your busy lifestyle, give the Halopulser a try.

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