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Eastern European Frequency Chart

As we have mentioned in our videos, the use of magnetic pulse devices to offset harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) is nothing new in Eastern Europe.

During the Cold War era many strides were made in the understanding of human bio energetics and how EMF impacts the human organism positively and negatively. Much of this body of knowledge never made it to the West and remains relatively unknown. After all, pharmaceuticals are much more profitable than energetics.

Nevertheless, devices that effectively shielded the user from harmful EMF were developed and used extensively by spies, government officials, and forward-thinking health professionals. These devices can be considered the grandparents of the modernized and updated Halopulser device which we offer here.

The following charts represent some of the strides made in this bio energetic research. Note that we are not healthcare professionals and cannot make any claims to their accuracy or effectiveness, they are being presented as a curiosity for research purposes and to educate the reader in the history of Eastern European bioenergetic research.

EMF Frequencies used for healing in Eastern Europe.
Frequencies For The Human Body

EMF Frequencies used in Eastern Europe.
Frequencies For The Human Body

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