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 Let's talk about these spherical UFO drones that are out here spying on you.

Spherical UFO Drones - YH Pheh
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This is the paper referenced in the video

The past few years there has been a massive influx of spherical flying objects called UFOs or UAPs in an attempt to make them seem otherworldly when in reality they're not. Almost two years ago I released a video about optically invisible flying spheres being used for surveillance.

This technology is sometimes called "Chameleo" technology. Remember that because you'll hear it in the future, and you heard it here first.

This drone is a really interesting piece of technology, and it's outlined in a fairly recent paper from Singapore University. And it's propelled by something called the coanda effect, which is the movement of air over a convex surface.

Really cool and novel stuff. But 100 percent human.

But this shiny metallic drone looks just like the mysterious spheres that are being seen in Pentagon videos and surveillance footage from all over the world in recent years.

So let's see what all the UFO talking heads have to say about this...

(Steven Greer) "I briefed 312 heads of state, 6 chickens, and the pope about the benevolent skyspheres".

(Dolores Cannon) "They're the Galactic Federation, but you need to ascend to 5D."

(Tom Delonge) "Hehehe, balls."

(David "Goose" Fravor) "Someone said there was a kegger, and my dad totally owns a dealership."

(Tavistock, John Alexander, Kit Green, Jolyon West, and Laurence Rockefeller) Whoa, hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, leave us out of this. Yeah, what are you doing here? Oh no, oh hell no. Oh, don't spill the beans! (about how they orchestrated so much of this)"


Technology like this is nothing new. I just think it's starting to become more public and visible.

So instead of admitting that foreign governments, our government, and private interests are flying invisible surveillance platforms over us that we can't see and they can't stop, they are using UFO lore as strategic propaganda to desensitize you and make you look the other way.

If you want to read this paper for yourself, you can find it in the article section on my website.

And when these finally start coming out into the public, and they actually start admitting what they really are, remember, Museum of Tarot told you first.

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