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Kozyrev Mirrors, Psychics, Time Travel, and the CIA

Alexander Trofimov With Kozyrev Mirror
Academician Alexander Trofimov

Declassified CIA information about shocking experiments in Novosibirsk in the 1980s spread throughout foreign and then Russian media. Allegedly, Soviet scientists at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine studied “human extrasensory perception” and achieved considerable success in this. Is it so? What lies behind the halo of “secret materials”? And what the researchers were actually doing was told to by Alexander Trofimov, a student and follower of Academician Vlail Kaznacheev, who is credited with experiments in “telepathy.”

“I don’t understand why everyone is so alarmed. Someone declassified a report that such work was carried out in the 1980s. So what? - Doctor of Medical Sciences, General Director and Chairman of the Academic Council of the Moscow Research Institute of Medical Sciences named after. Academician V.P. Kaznacheev Alexander Trofimov, “the most important thing at that time had not yet begun!”

According to A. Trofimov, serious research began only when an installation was built, named in memory of the astrophysicist N. A. Kozyrev “Kozyrev’s Mirrors”. The installation according to the new drawings was tested at the beginning of 1991.

“The first tests took place in December 1990. Subsequently, the film “Kozyrev’s Mirrors” was made based on them - a breakthrough into the future.” Of course, there are a lot of distortions. The director showed the patented equipment and circuit diagrams of the device, told what it consisted of, and people began to make “time machines.” This idea has captured the masses,” the scientist notes. At the everyday level, this could be understood if it were not so serious for the new science, says Alexander Trofimov. Researchers were then studying the noosphere (the idea of ​​V.I. Vernadsky) - a reasonable sphere into which each person can make his small contribution. “Kozyrev’s Mirrors” became a tool for understanding the noosphere.

“The device was intended to study the untapped reserves of the human brain and consciousness. Let’s take the current picture of the world: 100% is all the knowledge that has existed over the past two centuries. Of these, only 1% is knowledge about living matter. Living matter is cosmoplanetary formations with the functions of biointellectual quantization, reflection of the holographic Universe and self-reproduction,” explains A. Trofimov. Scientists described the results of their many years of fundamental research in the field of cosmoplanetary anthropology in the book Kaznacheev V.P., Trofimov A.V. “Essays on the nature of living matter and intelligence on planet Earth,” published by the Nauka publishing house in 2004 in Novosibirsk. “It contains all the data obtained in 1991 – 2001, which we never hid, it just took time to properly process and analyze it. We did it. In 2008, the book was translated into English and published in Germany. The world learned about the unique results of Novosibirsk scientists and appreciated them, much earlier than the “declassified data” about the first “tests of the pen” in the field of transpersonal psychology,” says Trofimov.

A Kozyrev Mirror
A Kozyrev Mirror

Research in "Kozyrev's Mirrors"

Kozyrev's mirrors are a kind of aluminum sheets twisted in a spiral, which, like concave lenses, can focus various types of radiation, including radiation emanating from biological objects interacting with the flows of active Time. The classic design of “Kozyrev Mirrors” has the following form - these are sheets of polished aluminum of a certain alloy (“know-how” of the authors), rolled clockwise or counterclockwise in 1.5 turns, inside which measuring equipment and a chair for the experimenter are placed. MNIIKA remained the patent holder of the rights to this design for 20 years. “We created mirrors in order to explore at the modern scientific level the paradox of quantum entanglement of consciousness and the effect of quantum superposition* of consciousness in space and time. This is only possible in “Kozyrev’s Mirrors,” the scientist continues.

*Quantum superposition is a superposition of states that cannot be realized simultaneously from a classical point of view; it is a superposition of alternative (mutually exclusive) states. Five thousand volunteers were invited for the research. They were sent a task that included a figurative construction set - 77 signs, made up of symbols of different cultures and peoples that inhabited the Earth.

The 77 signs used in the Kozyrev mirror telepathy experiments
The 77 signs used in the Kozyrev mirror telepathy experiments

“Under the conditions of the experiment, the computer randomly selected three to five characters five minutes before the session. This constituted the program for the transfer of the person who was in the “Kozyrev Mirrors” in the Far North. He translated the signs into the information field. And those same five thousand volunteers in different parts of the country listened to him, hoping to get something,” explains the scientist.

The volunteers were aware in advance of the start time of the session and had the entire symbolic “constructor” in front of them, but they could not know which symbols would be broadcast.

“When we received the volunteers’ protocols, a team of programmers and mathematicians led by Anatoly Piskaikin began analysis. For mathematical processing of data, the Monte Carlo computer program was used. It made it possible to eliminate random guessing of symbols: it was possible to trace the pattern of obtaining information depending on time, place, age, the use of radio-television equipment, lasers, etc. during broadcasting.

Independent international experts recognized the correctness of the work performed, their compliance with the criteria of fundamental science, says Alexander Trofimov. — I would like to turn to Professor Alexander Chepurnov, who stated on the Zvezda TV channel in a story about the developments of Novosibirsk scientists declassified by the CIA, that in experiments 15-17 years ago, carried out by him as a virologist, at the request of unnamed employees of Academician V.P. Treasurer of those years, allegedly negative results were obtained. I would like to receive the protocol of these experiments, unknown to us and incomprehensible to most viewers, which is very important for the scientific reputation of our academician. Many years have passed, but we carefully preserve in our archives protocols even from 30 years ago.”

Responses to the Kozyrev telepathy experiments
Responses to the Kozyrev telepathy experiments

Research in Arctic Dikson

A group of Novosibirsk scientists under the leadership of A.V. Trofimov acted on the scientific instructions of Vlail Kaznacheev. In 1990, specialists assembled a system of mirrors in the polar village of Dikson. Some “Kozyrev Mirrors” are located on the island, others on the mainland. Two groups of volunteers took part in the study, whose tasks included broadcasting and receiving information for many hours. After processing the received data, it turned out that only 1/3 of all information could be obtained, and the other part was received with a delay of several hours.

“But the biggest, phenomenal result was that an hour, five and seven hours before the computer randomly generated the symbols, they had already been received by the group. This happened several times! The phenomenal result obtained proves that Nikolai Kozyrev was right: in the Far North, the future is present in the Present,” sums up Alexander Trofimov. Kozyrev believed that active time is a substance through which information is transmitted instantly to all points of the Universe. Proof of this was his experiment with distant stars. The light that traveled from them to the Earth for years or hundreds of years was recorded by a telescope and immersed astronomers in the past - they saw a signal from the past. But it turned out that if you point the telescope at the place where the star, according to calculations, should be in the present or future, the instruments will record these signals too. Kozyrev pointed out that a similar interaction occurs between active time and the human brain if a person is in concave mirrors. In their subsequent works, Novosibirsk scientists proved this by publishing data in the collection of scientific articles “Man is the Mirror of the Universe” (Novosibirsk: Akademizdat, 2020).

“Why did we do this in the north? Kozyrev said that the energy flows of time do not just have a course or direction. They have different courses and directions in different parts of the world. He, with a gyroscope (torsional scales), with a spinning object for measuring weight, saw that above 73 degrees north latitude, the effect of increasing weight was no longer recorded at a certain direction of rotation of the control weight. He connected this with a change in the direction of the flow of energy-time,” explains A. Trofimov.

Kozyrev also predicted volcanic activity on the Moon, for which he was first booed and then rehabilitated when his data was confirmed. The scientist was awarded the highest award of the space scientific community - the diamond “Big Dipper”.

At the present time, researchers in the field of cosmoplanetary anthropology continue to work on improving the “Kozyrev Mirrors” and have created their new technological version “MNIIKA Mirrors,” which are included in the “Innovations 2020-2021” catalog. Experts are looking for ways to use mirrors in practical human life and medicine. Scientists are confident that with the help of this technology it is possible to monitor events that threaten humanity - earthquakes and various disasters, as well as implement programs to slow down the rate of aging of the body. “We live in a world of universal information communication with each other, our task is to help the most sensitive people to the slightest fluctuations in solar activity. The second task - monitoring the future - is real. We have been studying this monitoring for 30 years and learned it in Kozyrev’s Mirrors. Our data was published in a report at the International Congress on Natural Disaster Forecasting in Melbourne in 2018. We were able to scientifically predict earthquakes seven days before they started! All this has been written and published a long time ago, all that remains is for everyone to realize that the results obtained by the corps of modern science that is ahead of our time are no longer fantasies, or even science fiction, but the new scientific reality of the third millennium,” summed up Doctor of Medical Sciences Alexander Trofimov. - Ivan Shchetinin

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