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build instructions foR the BOB BECK

These are common parts. In the USA everything is available from Amazon. In other countries a quick internet search should give you everything you need. We tried not to make anything too difficult for you to obtain.

Try not to substitute parts. If you need to use another brand, please make sure the part you are using is the same type, size, gauge, etc. as what we list here.  This is important to make sure your device functions correctly.

Due to high demand we also offer a complete kit with everything you will need for the build.  You can find them in our shop.

Download Beck's original Research paper (Click PDF icon Below)


The board is a very simple design which consists of eight components and some wires to connect it all together. There is no soldering, you just plug the pieces in to the board.

Slide To View Components

The build components are listed below along with the amounts needed.

Bedk Build List.JPG

B) Costs

Unfortunately, society has been massively dumbed down. These days it's nearly impossible to find an electronics store that sells individual components. Radio Shack and Fry's are long gone along with everyones testicles.

Your best bet is Amazon. The components will need to be bought in larger packs. Things like resistors tend to come in packs of 100, breadboards in packs of 3 or more. So if you go that route be sure to make a few extra devices for family and friends.


(*You'll also have lots of extra little shiny pieces. Leave them outside, the crows will love you. Be a rebel. Build an army of crows. Take over your neighborhood. Instill fear in the hearts of your homeowners association. Make the world bow its head in reverence to Crowlord.)

The total costs as of 2/10/2023 was about $70 for three devices.

If you would like to get everything you need for the build and support us in our work, we will be offering a complete build kit for the device.  You can find them in our shop.

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