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the psychic training device

These are fairly common parts. In the USA everything is available from Amazon. In other countries a quick internet search should give you everything you need. We tried not to make anything too difficult for you to obtain.

Do not substitute parts. If you need to use another brand, please make sure the part you are using is the same type, size, gauge, etc. as what we list here.  This is important to make sure your device functions correctly and gives off the correct field.

Due to high demand we also offer a complete kit with everything you will need for the build. It is more economical than buying the components themselves and you wont have left over parts. You can find them in our shop.

*Many of the parts went out of stock or increased in price from when we released the original build list so we will be maintaining these live affiliate links to Amazon to get around this. They also help us cover the cost of hosting the site. We appreciate you using them if possible.

A) arduino programs

The Arduino programs for running the device are in the .ZIP file below. Click the icon to download.

The build components are listed below. You will need one of each item.

b) board and microcontroller

1- Arduino.png
2 - Breadboard.jpg
3 - LED.jpg
4 - Resistor.jpg
5 - Transistor.jpg
6 - Diode.jpg
7 - Jumper Wires.jpg

c) toroid coil

8 - Hoop.jpg
9 - Wire.jpg
10 - Tape.jpg
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